17th Annual veteran/vintage BOC motorcycle meet at Megarrys Blackmore the best yet!

After weeks of worry over the weather Sunday dawned clear and sunny…..and stayed that way all day. What a relief! For weeks there have been floods all over Essex, including by our village pond. Last week we would have been lucky to get any motorbikes.

Yesterday there were 250 on one count in the middle of the day, but they were coming and going all day so goodness knows how many there were in total!

It was an amazing turnout….. Here are some of the pictures we took .

We had our work cut out in the teashop serving them all with tea, coffee, home made cakes and rolls.I had 4 staff helping me  Ollie, Spencer,Georgia, and Amy, and they did an amazing job keeping up with the demand, even during a brief power cut!!  Thanks are also due to the motorcyclist who brought trays of mugs back so we could keep up with the washing up … sorry I didn’t get his name!!!! Once again we were amazed that there wasn’t a scrap of rubbish left in our garden or patio or on the Village Green. Spencer took a photo after they’d all gone and it was as if no one had been on the Green . Thank you all for that and for being so good natured whilst waiting in the inevitable queue for refreshments.Gone without a trace!!!!!Refreshment break on the patio in Judi's garden

Thanks also to the BOC for lending us an extra teaurn and serving table.