A correction to Megarrys Antiques and Teashop map position on Google maps Blackmore Essex

It was brought to my attention today that the marker for our business’s position on Google maps has mysteriously changed!!! I wonder how that happened????? I would like to point out that WE HAVE NOT MOVED TO JERICHO PLACE. Our address is, as it has always been,  MEGARRYS AT JERICHO COTTAGE (Blacksmiths Alley)  THE DUCKPOND GREEN,  BLACKMORE   ESSEX CM40RR……….You will find us by turning down by the WAR MEMORIAL on the Duckpond Green behind the Bull Public House garden.                          JERICHO COTTAGE IS THEN FACING YOU.                          We have corrected this ‘MISTAKE’ today and hopefully our original correct

This is the view facing you as you drive down from the war memorial.

position will soon show again on Google Maps.

Meanwhile…….. our apologies to any new customers who were sent in the wrong direction. We hope you’ll try again !! OUR NORMAL OPENING HOURS ARE :-   10 AM. till 5PM Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We are normally closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, however, as we live on the premises we frequently let people in ….Just ring the outside bell on the side gate.                 IF WE’RE IN WE’LL LET YOU IN!!!!

UPDATE 20th october 2012……IT’S SORTED OUT NOW Thanks to Ray, Spencer, and the other regular customers who attempted to put the marker in the correct place. GOOGLE RANG ME AND PUT THE MARKER BACK WHERE IT SHOULD BE. See ourLocation and directions page.

THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO TOLD ME ABOUT IT AND TRIED TO HELP…… Just let us know if the errant marker goes for a walk again!!!!!!