And now a Morris 8 series 2

We seem to be attracting lots of Classic and vintage cars this year … wonderful. Peter and I came back from a buying trip last Wednesday, and there was a lovely green Morris 8 parked  nearby. Jane who had been looking after the shop while we were out explained that the owner had gone off on a walk and wasn’t back yet. She was quite worried about him! However a couple of hours later he reappeared and claimed his car . He’d got lost so was in need of rapid refreshment in Megarrys Teashop, and when I told him we used to own a Morris 10 ‘Dr’s Coupe’, he invited me to get in the drivers seat… I was tempted to drive off in it!!

He took the photos and kindly returned with them on Friday    Thank you.. let me know if you ever want to sell it… its a lot easier to drive than the Coupe, and I could be tempted!!!!!