Antique repairs in Chelmsford

Antique repairs in Chelmsford

Here are Megarry’s we offer advice on Antique repairs in Chelmsford on all types of antiques re giving it purpose in some areas. We are not experts but we will try are best to answer  any questions and queries you may have about antique repairs.

Our contacts can transform your tired looking furniture back to its original condition.

The restoration of furniture is carried out by highly skilled individuals using traditional and modern techniques and materials.

There comes a point in the lifetime of furniture when it requires a level of restoration. This could consist of light cleaning to remove accumulated grime or a complete overhaul to restore the piece to its former glory. The finish to the piece may be stripped back and redone whilst retaining the original patination. Damage to areas of furniture will be repaired or replaced and matched in to the original finish using similar materials.

If you wish to discuss repairs on antiques at greater depth Judith is more than happy to help where she can and if she is unable to answer any questions she can then get in contact with individuals who can do antiques repairs, give us a call on  01277 821031 and we’ll be happy to help.