Antique restoration in Essex 

Antique restoration in Essex

Here at Megarry’s we have an understanding for antique restoration in Essex, we understand and appreciate those unique passions we all feel for treasured possessions; whether it be a valuable historic family heirloom, or simply a much loved household item.

That is why we at Megarry’s antique and teashop pride ourselves on being able to advise you .We have  contacts who can help with restoration techniques to bring each piece back to its original condition


We can advice on the restoration of antiques and modern wood furniture. No matter what the size, type or value of each item. We can provide you with contacts who are expert restorers.

China, Glass, Porcelain 

Here at megarry’s we have contacts who can restore a variety of materials including Chine, Glass and Porcelain using techniques to preserve as much of the original material as possible, ensure stability to minimise future damage,which  are always finished by hand and replace with finish By hand for a virtually invisible repair.

If you require restoration service give Judith a call and she will be able to advice you who to contact for this service. Give us a call on 01277 821031 or 822170