Antiques Road trip Essex at Megarrys Antiques Blackmore 21/2/2012

At last   …….. I was beginning to think the programme filmed here in Megarrys last August would never reach the T V!!! In fact a bit of me was half hoping it wouldn’t. I’ve spent several sleepless nights worrying about seeing the reality of me as others see me!I hate having my photo taken and this was worse. Anyway its out there now, and Margie Cooper was easy to work with.

It was a shame she didn’t make a profit from the bits she bought, but as they said at the beginning of the programme everything was going into a specialist collectors sale, and I just don’t normally stock automobillia, or militaria. It was a fluke that I had a pair of ARP cycle lamps, and Peter found her an old Petrol can from his garage!!!

My usual stock includes Ceramics, Glass ,Copper and Brass,  Silver, Boxes, small furniture, Blue and white transfer printed china, oil lamps, postcards, and general collectibles, from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.

One amazing coincidence however. As a child I lived in the Medway towns in Kent ,and latterly my parents lived in  Frindsbury just round the corner from’ Bills Posh Junk’ which was also featured in the programme.                                                                                Whenever I went home I used to pop in there . 

In fact on my last visit I bought a lovely Victorian Wrought iron Gate from Bill, which has pride of place at the entrance  to our garden  from the customer teashop patio area.                                           The railings that now support a hand rail by our Victorian glasshouse also  came from Bill.

I knew Margie and Mark had started out in Kent but didn’t know where… you can imagine my suprise when I saw my old hunting ground and home towns in the same programme.  That was the icing on the cake for me!!!!………………. which reminds me I must order extra cakes from Peters sister Winnie for this weekend in case (hopefully)there are lots of new customers in the teashop as well as the antique shop, following the publicity for us and the village in the programme. >Factual>Antiques. See you soon Judi