Antiques Road trip to film in Megarrys Antiques Blackmore on the 18th August

What have I done????….                               I refused three times to agree to let the ‘Antiques Road Trip BBC film ‘here. To be honest I don’t like being filmed even though Inside MegarrysshopInside Megarrys‘House Gift’ and ‘It’s a gift’ were both filmed here.  I hid away as far as poss, but I’m not sure how I’ll manage it this time… might get a stand in!

There is another aspect that really worries me. This programme depends on the Dealers buying as cheaply as possible, so that they can make as big a profit for charity as possible. Whilst I am in favour of helping charities, I am in a difficult position. I sell on commission for members of the  public   a small commission usually, so there isn’t much leeway for giving discounts,unless the item chosen is from my own stock. Even then contrary to popular opinion on Antique dealers I don’t put big markearly 19th chest of drawers ups on the prices. My profit margins are small.

This is why I was reluctant to allow the BBC to film here, as in the past some of the discounts demanded by some of the dealers have been exorbitant, and this 19thcountry furniture and blue and white ceramics in Megarrysgives a totally false idea of the profit margins of most genuine honest antique dealers. I have been assured that the next series of this programme will have a less aggressive approach to ‘haggling’  I don’t mind helping Charities, but since my prices are already reasonable, and margins small there wont be as much room for manoeuvre as has been demanded previously…… should be interesting  !!!!!!     I’d appreciate other opinions so do please comment!!!! Might make a good starting point for a forum.