Autumn Chores in Judi’s garden at Megarrys Blackmore

Thank goodness for the glorious warm Autumn We’ve harvested all the fruit except for some late grapes.  The Victorian glasshouse has been cleaned repainted ,and relined with bubble wrap, (donated by Stephensons removals )and in case of early frosts we’re beginning to put  tender plants inside at night.  As most people did we lost masses of plants in last years hard winter         

                                                                            The perennials are nearly all cut back, and Ollie dug the raspberries out from under the walnut tree. They were doing well for a couple of years but finally the walnut is killing them off . According to the Royal Horticultural Society walnut trees have a growth inhibitor in their roots which detroys the competition. I’m going to put a raised vegetable bed there with a polythene lining to keep the walnut roots at bay! We can fill it from the compost heap which is full to overflowing and that will make more room for this years leaves which are falling continuously now… I’m not putting walnut leaves in there in case they have a growth inhibitor in them as well!

We’ve also repainted the front and part of the back of the Romany Vardo ready for winter.  We still have more to finish before the bad weather sets in. It dates from 1905 . It is a Burton Horsetraders waggon,and used to belong to theTaylor family who travelled between Blackmore  and Newmarket at the beginning of the century.We rescued it in 1994 brought it down the road from where it had stood for half a century, and restored it with the help of a good friend Jim Hattemore, Now another good friend Roger is helping to stop it deteriorating (I havn’t been able to do much for just over a year as I had a new knee ….steps and ladders still defeat me!)

We’ve still got a few jobs to do but we’ve finally got a noticeboard for use of local organisations and businesses. Also people can advertise antique items for sale. You can see it on the shop wall in the photo of the Rover.

The ivy had to be removed again from the chimney wall to make room for it ….. Now theres a pile to be burnt on the back patio.. oh well it will soon be bonfire night….. Hope the weather holds up…..