Autumn holiday by horse and buggy.. breakfast stop at Megarrys teashop

The  glorious autuArriving at Jericho Cottage in weather has brought lots of new visitors to Megarrys Teashop at Jericho cottage, but one in particular deserves a mention. A couple of weeks ago  a gentleman came into the teashop and ordered  a breakfast  of beans on toast and a mug of tea………..nothing strange in that, but when I asked what had brought him to Blackmore he said he was on a travelling and camping holiday, again not so unusual. However it turned out that he was travelling round  Essex by horse and buggy and setting up camp wherever he found himself at the end of the day! He had camped the previous evening in the grounds of the Duck public house at Newney Green after enjoying an evening meal there ,and set off the next morning and found himself in Blackmore He lives in East London and intended spending  another week exploring Essex. He travels light as you can see. All he needs is on the Buggy…. A tent, sleeping bag, pail for water for the horse etc . I presume the horse simply grazes where they stop and the  man eats at various pubs and teashops like ours. The horse was so placid and patient a beautiful animal I hope they come back one day!

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