BBC Antiques Road trip comes to Megarrys Antiques Blackmore

Mark Stacey dropping Margie Cooper off at Megarrys AntiquesWell they’ve done it …. the BBC Antiques road trip crew arrived at 10 .30 this morning, three of them , two girl researchers and Bob the cameraman/ director, with Margie Cooper who had been dropped off by Mark Stacey on his way to Ingatestone Hall.     It was fascinating watching the amount of work the team put in to getting exactly the right shot…. sometimes four or five takes of the same shot till Bob was satisfied with the picture and sound! I’m afraid my pictures are a lot less professional!

Mark Stacey has just dropped Margie Cooper at Megarrys
Well no excuses you know how I feel about classic cars!

Margie came in said hello and  looked around , and then told me she was looking for Militaria, and automobilia…. difficult ……….I rarely sell either, but luckily had a pair of ARP 2nd world war cycle lamps and Peter found her an old Shell petrol can in his Garage! She bought both , and then looked round for other thingsMargie Cooper in buying mood!, finally settling on an Edwardian brass counter bell, and a pony hoof  table Snuff box.

They will be going into the collectors sale at ReemanDansie Auction in Colchester in a couple of weeks,when the two dealers Margie and Mark will be competing to see who can make the most profit ,or lose the least in the auction.Any profits will go to Children in Need, so it’s a good cause, which is why I did the best deal  possible. Not easy as I sell on commission and have to get permission from my customers before I can reduce their prices.That is something the general public don’t realise.. we as a trade DON’T have huge profits to play with, and this type of programme often gives a false impression of our profit margins!  Hope the publicity in December when the programme comes out makes it all worth while!!!!!           

Anyway……Good Luck Margie, hope you do well at Reemans !!!!!!!