JANET ELLIS,of BLUE PETER fame, and Antiques expert WILL AXON of FLOG IT, arrived with the STV production team for BBC CELEBRITY ANTIQUES ROAD TRIP, (CHRIS,REBECCA and LIAM), at about 3.15pm….having been sent on a Wild Goose Chase, by Google maps,which had for some strange reason put our address as Blackmore Rd.

They arrived in a stunning 1964 Ford Mustang…………… wanted them to leave it behind, but they wouldn’t!!………..SHAME.





They spent ages looking round, and bought two pieces, one belonging to the shop and one to a customer of mine. Cant tell you exactly what yet ..its a bit hush hush till the episode is on air.





Then they went into the teashop for a well deserved cuppa, cake, scone and cream!!   They needed it after all their hard work.It looks so slick and flows beautifully  on TV but there are loads of retakes in reality, and they were here working from about 3.30 till 6.30.

It was a fun afternoon, and no attempt was made to get a very expensive piece for pennies,which was the case in some previous series.Of course I gave them a good discount on one of my own pieces, and a customer whose silver I sold was luckily, also prepared to give them a good deal.

let’s face it from my point of view it’s worth it because of the national publicity. There’s no way you could get that for £20 Which was the discount on my porcelain figure.

If the general public asked for that amount off an item we couldn’t afford to do it.

I was also impressed by the conversation as they moved round looking at the stock,The comments were educational, and interesting, and that is what is needed to boost the antiques trade. the public needs information to get them interested, not lessons in how to knock our prices down so low that we are forced out of business. Thank you Will and Janet for understanding that, and not pushing too hard!!!It was a pleasure working with you!

Chris, Rebecca, and Liam,the production team were friendly and helpful and very professional. Thank you

The programme is Scheduled for the Autumn .. I’ll post a blog when I know the date.