Brentwood Gazette reports on Watercolour workshop in Judi’s garden

A scan of the Brentwood gazette article july 13th 2011It was another glorious summers day on Monday. A group of artists had just settled down to sketch in the garden, and on the teashop patio, with their tutor Suzan, when the telephone rang……. It was Chris Richards Chief reporter from the Brentwood GaFran painting by the pondzette. He’d read my last blog on painting days and wanted to know when the next group was booked in. When I told him there was a group in the garden he immediately asked if he could come at and do a feature on us, with photographer Mike.         I checked with the group and Suzan, and they agreed.    Fame at last!!

After lunch at the Leather bottle Pub, the artists settled down to their sketching and painting ,and the Gazette team arrived. Mike the Gazette photographer took lots of photos. Chris asked questions, and  took copious shorthand notes .  They were with us for about an hour, and joined us for tea and cakes!

The photographs in this blog are all by Mike courtesy of the Brentwood Gazette. Chris  the reporter is the one lurking in the background of this picture. Thanks to both  Chris and Mike this will be useful publicity. Ring Judi on 01277821031 or email for more details of painting in the garden.