Buying Antiques 

Advice on Buying Antiques

Looking for advice on Buying Antiques? Here at  Megarrys antiques you will be allowed to browse at your leisure theres no pressure selling, but if you can’t find what you are specifically looking for just ask, and if we haven’t got it we may know someone who has. Judith is president of the Essex Antiques Dealers Association and  many like minded contacts she could recommend or call for you,  So don’t give up and go back to buying the new route, Give us a chance to help you find truly unique pieces for your collection.

Any questions you may have or queries give Judith a call and she will give you as much advice and help in many ways as much as she can she’s not an expert if there is areas she can’t help you will she will know someone of will so  if you are looking for a particular item that is difficult to find call us on 01277 821031, or 822170.