Classic Motorcycle meet a roaring success,and not a drop of rain!

I didn’t sleep last night, because rain was forecast for this morning…. looked up the hourly weather forecast at 2.30. am on and it looked a bit better, but still suggested it would rain till about 10 30. At 4 I could hear the rain outside, so resigned myself to failure………..We got up at 7 ..dull but dry and by the time our staff arrived all was well.. We did put an umbrella up over the outside Take away teas stall though, and that did the trick NOT A DROP OF RAIN ALL DAY, and WHAT A TURN OUT…. Ive never seen so many people and classic motorbikes. The queue for refreshments was constant for three hours… we had to keep filling the two tea urns with boiling water to keep up, and we had 2 filter coffee machines on the go constantly. I didn’t manage to get away from the food queue to look at the bikes but Peter took photos………in the Bull Garden, (thank you Sheila  for letting us use the Bull Garden)……..

on the Green …… in front of the shop, in Blacksmiths Alley……everywhere you look there were fantastic old m.bikes, and marvellous new ones.

There were some real show stoppers, and lots of old friends, and some we hadn’t seen here before hope they come next year!      

I couldn’t resist sneaking the Blue Classic car in…Does anyone recognise it?

There are lots more pics.. will try and download more later, meanwhile thanks to the British Owners Club for their help. Rob lent us the extra urn and outside table, and the club did a great job marshaling. Thanks also to my team of youngsters,Bobbie, Ollie and Max, who ran the teashop.. They did exceptionally well.. I honestly couldn’t have coped with the crowds of people without their cheerful, efficient help. Thanks also to Jane who made sandwiches , Bobbie who filled Rolls, and Winnie and Mandy who made the scrumptious Home made cakes.          Almost forgot we were collecting for Help for Heroes( the Village Fayre charity this year) and I counted £105 in the open bucket alone which I will pass on to the Village Fayre  committee. Don’t forget Blackmore Village Fayre is the last weekend in May ……………………………………………………….   That’s it for now .. I’ll let the Morgan three-wheeler have the last word!