Distraction burglary.. at Megarrys Antiques. A salutary tale BE WARNED.

Well I suppose it was inevitable sooner or later…. on Wednesday last at about three fifteen, three people came into the shop.I heard the bell as they entered and popped my head round the corner to say hello. There were two men and a woman. They were  talking among themselves in a language I didnt recognise. I asked where they were from. One of the men replied India. I was bought up in the far east and recognise many indian dialects but this didn’t sound right. They started to split up and go into different parts of the shop, so I asked if they were looking for anything in particular, The same man said something to the effect that’ we look’ I’m not sure why, but I was very uneasy about being in the shop alone with them so called my husband who came down to help me keep an eye on them. The one who had spoken first went behind my desk to try and get things out of my silver cabinet so I went past him and got things out one at a time. He indicated that he wanted to buy several small silver items and that I should put them on the table .Isuggested that if he wanted them Peter would wrap them. One of the men stayed with Peter as he packed them, and gave him other pieces that the first man hadn’t agreed to buy. Eventually after giving me the run around for 10 mins or so they asked if they could pay by cheque . I declined and said I could only take cheques from regular customers and told them where the nearest cash point was. They left on foot, saying they’d be back……….We locked the door and settled down for a coffee congratulating ourselves that they hadnt managed to pinch anything…. how wrong can you be.?…When half an hour later I went to the teashop till to till up there was nothing in it but small change. The woman had been in that area asking the price of cakes, so we’re pretty sure it was her who reached over and opened the till, while the others kept us busy with pretend purchases.

DESCRIPTION  The first man was medium height, plump, chubby face, olive skin Black hair with a slight wave ,at the front and dark eyes. The second man was also medium height , slimmer and with sharper features,olive skin, and a light coloured jacket. The Woman was wearing a long brownish skirt and jacket . Her hair was pulled back off her face , she was also plump, but kept her face turned away so I didn’t really see her features, but she had olive skin too, and was wearing a low neck       Peter described her as buxom!  From my description the police said the sounded EASTERN EUROPEAN , probably ROMANIAN.

STOP PRESS the police have just told me that they stopped in our local garage for petrol and were driving a WHITE FOUR WHEEL DRIVE possibly a KIA.           

Also the SOCO team found a good hand print on my cake counter, where they had leaned over to get at my till. ….. BEEN MOVED NOW! and the CCTV has been turned back on. A bit like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted!!