Furniture accidental damage Essex 

Furniture accidental damage Essex 

Antique furniture can be a sound investment and can also carry a lot of emotional value so keeping it in pristine condition is vital. Even with the best of intentions though, antiques can be damaged and end end up requiring restoration.

Its best to take measures which will prevent damage to your furniture, so it isn’t placed in the position of having to be restored. Therefore it might not be a good idea to have your piece of antique furniture in an area in which it will receive a lot of heavy use.Therefore It’s important to keep your antique furniture away from sunlight, as sun rays can cause damage to finishes and fabrics.

Furniture is also susceptible to damage from the atmosphere, particularly the level of moisture in the air. Changes in humidity can cause expansion and contraction in wood, leading to issues with stuck doors and drawers. If the humidity is long lasting, then rot and mould growth is possible. Placing antique furniture is close proximity to radiators and air vents can cause similar problems as the dry air shrinks the timber.

It is also useful to use coasters to protect the surfaces from hot drinks as these will mark the polish.

Watering plants in situ on a piece of antique furniture is also a recipe for disaster as watermarks

Are not easy to remove.

Mats and doilies will also protect surfaces from scratching.

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