House clearance in Essex

House clearance in Essex

Here at Megarrys antique and teashop we offer a friendly and usually free advice service for house clearance in Essex, downsizing, or moving house. Judith can advise you on the best place to sell, or where to recycle your items, be it a charity shop, boot sale or other specialists dealers  , or auctions.

Judith can also help advise you on how to go about organising your house clearance. She can advise you  whether items should be recycled. restored or are worth selling.

Megarrys sell on commision for the general public. If you bring an item you want to sell, I will discuss it with you, agree a sensible selling price, agree a commission rate, based on it’s value, size, and condition. Please dont repolish or clean items  until I’ve looked at them. For example pewter should not be polished, and a lovely mellow but distressed piece of furniture can be totally de valued by a coat of varnish – let Megarrys give you the best advice.

Finally I will agree a time limit – I cant keep things indefinitely, or the shop will become too full. You will be given a detailed receipt for your items which we both sign, and hopefully they will sell.

If you require further house clearance advice give Judith a call today, she will be more than happy to help to answer any questions or queries you may have. Call Judith at Megarrys Antiques on 01277821031 or 822170.