Internet cafe in Megarrys teashop Blackmore reopens.

Internet facility in a corner of the teashopJust a quick post to let you know that our mini internet cafe is  now operational again. We had been having problems with our wireless connection, but the problem is now solved since Keith ( our local computer engineer) from Alpha networks popped in this morning to sort it out. It took him 5 mins to do what I had spent an hour and a half trying  to cure!     What I like about Keith is that he only spends as much time as a problem takes….. Some engineers seem to take forever over a simple problem!

Thanks Keith your a star .

Teashop customers can use the computer at £1 for 20 mins,£1. 50 for half an hour, or £2 50 for an hour.                                                                                                  Prints from the computer cost£1 colour A4, 75p black A4.              Copies from the printer are cheaper             Colour A4 75p, and  black 50p.