Update on bees in Judi’s garden

The hive at the bottom of judi's gardenAll’s  well .      The new young colony is doing well in the hive at the bottom of my garden. Tony the local beekeeper is coming regularly to check on them and reported yesterday that the queen is laying well. They are his bees not mine I’m no expert and haven’t really got time to manage a hive , but we do have an ideal garden for them  …..lots of nectar rich flowers:- lavender, marjoram,buddleia, crocosmia,hydrangeas ,phlox etc at this time of year, and its totally secure and a very sheltered walled garden,…………. A USEFUL PIECE OF ADVICE FOR NEW BEEKEEPERS….. Tony is  partly blocking up the entry/exit hole making it smaller, so that if any more wasp colonies settle in the neighbourhood, it will be easier for the young bee colony to defend itself.

Frustration …Grrr…….. spent an hour trying to get close ups of bees on my flowers but  each time I got close they flew away,   or a customer neede Phlox and not a bee in sight!d me in the teashop.      

                                                                        Will try again tomorrow!success!! but what a lousy phographer I am. 

                                 SUCCESS!!! see last photo.    I wish I was a better photographer!!!  I obviously need lessons  from Ian Dalgliesh or Mike the Gazette photographer!

Next years honey being collected???????