Sad news bee update.Judi’s Garden Jericho Cottage Blackmore

Sad news . A few weeks ago Tony the beekeeper who took care of the hives in Judi’s Garden at Jericho cottage, died suddenly He was out walking his dog when he collapsed. It was a terrible shock to all those who knew him, as he had shown no signs of illness. Everyone at Megarrys extends our sympathy to Rita his wife, and his three children.The hives are still here and are thriving. Tony would have been proud of  them.

Luckily another member of the Essex Beekeepers Association Ted, has agreed to care for them, and Judi has bought the hives, so hopefully we will still have Jericho cottage honey next year. We probably wont take the honey out this year as we want to make sure the colonys survive the winter. One is stronger than the other and apparently it is possible to combine them… They will have to be treated to prevent varola ? mite , and will need feeding because of the dreadful summer, but we’re going to do all we can to keep them going.