Spring opening times at Megarrys Antiques teashop Blackmore Essex Cm40rr

FROM WEDNESDAY 4th MARCH 2015 we will open officially at 10 am and close at 4.45pm. ..last orders in the teashop will be at 4.30 pm.

Our regular customers are aware that we will let people in before 10 am …just ring the bell on the side gate.

However I’m afraid I will have to stick to my closing times for the moment…sorry about that, but due to a health problem I find it difficult to work beyond that time.

It’s good to see that SPRING is ON ITS WAY.
We had cyclists sitting outside last weekend on the patio!Central London CCT
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The primroses and Helebores are out already and the weather is due to warm up this weekend .Thank goodness !