Thank you and goodbye to spam I hope!!

Hello all, just wanted to say thank you for the genuine comments on my web blog.             However too many businesses are commenting to get themselves noticed, and are flooding my in box with what can only be described as SPAM and while I am ,happy to communicate, and maybe link, with Local businesses and organisations that are relevant to the blog, I simply cannot cope with all the other, sometimes very dubious businesses.

It took me a while to realise what was happening as I’m new to blogging, and the complimentary comments were great moral boosters to begin with. Now  I’m considering shutting down this blog site as I simply don’t have time to deal with all the comments. They  all have to be checked ,and then approved, trashed, or spammed. I think in the early days I, like many new to this form of communication approved nearly everything. I NOW INTEND TO PUT EVERYTHING IN THE SPAM SECTION UNLESS I AM CONVINCED IT IS A GENUINE COMMENT , AND RELEVANT TO THE BLOG .                                                          Regards to genuine commentators           Judi

PS for anyone else who’s having a similar problem  go onto the wordpress support forum  there are several suggestions there … only problem is that as a novice I’m not sure what some of the jargon means